viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Drivers Win7-32bits C240 All-in-One (Lenovo)

I make someone maintenance for this all in one Lenovo computer. I posted the drivers installed on Windows 7 32 bits operative system and goes fine XD:

Link to Chipset-lenovo-c240:

Link to Chipset-lenovo-c240

Link to Camera-lenovo-c240:

Link to Camera-lenovo-c240

Link to Ethernet-lenovo-c240:

Link to Ethernet-lenovo-c240

Link to Intel-Igfx-graphics-Driver-c240:

Link to Intel-Igfx-graphics-Driver-c240

Link to Graphics-lenovo-c240-Win32:


Link to audio-lenovo-c240:

Link to audio-lenovo-c240

Link to wireless-lenovo-c240:

Link to wireless-lenovo-c240

Link to realtek-pcie-cardreader:


Link to Silver-skill-keyboard-driver lenovo-c240:


Link to usb-keyboard-drive-lenovo-c240:



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